AND the brand

AND the brand is a high-tech apparel brand with respect for craftsmanship and handicraft. All of the brand's products meet the needs of the modern woman, mix perfectly with each other and become a long-term investment in your own wardrobe.

The focus is on the canvas itself. AND the brand's production is an experimental creative laboratory where high-tech art is born. As a result of the search for textures, shapes and weaves, extraordinary items of premium quality emerge from the "feather" of Shima Seiki knitting machines. The capabilities of the unique Japanese equipment, as well as high-quality yarn, allow to invent a new plastic of the knitted fabric: to make things weightless and at the same time warm, at the same time refined and tactilely pleasant. And, no less important, - to preserve the resource of production workers, directing their skills to the most delicate details.

Attention to detail is another part of the brand's DNA: in AND the brand clothes, every loop, every dart and fittings are perfectly calibrated. So, the badge on buttons, locks and rivets is not just an original interpretation of the letter Z. This is a reference to the inverted N in the name, and the first letter of the surname of the creators of AND the brand, and an allusion to the theme of knitwear, which became the starting point for the brand - this is how the intertwined loops are depicted in the diagrams.

All these subtleties give AND the brand things individuality, and sometimes even radically change their functionality. Elegant zippers on the collar transform the anorak from sporty to casual, and intricate patterns on the velvet vest allow you to make many sets with it or use it as an independent wardrobe item.

The palette of the spring-summer collection AND the brand - complex colors with a light pastel veil, emphasizing the unusual cut of the thing. From velvet crop tops and casual shorts to bandeau tops and pleated skirts for romantic walks. From cozy jumpers and merino overalls for working days to mohair jackets and coats that keep you warm in any weather.

The evening line features the finest badlons, openwork dresses and two-tone jackets; in a denim capsule - perfectly cut shirts and jeans in three colors. We use eco-friendly recycled plastic threads to create them.

The goal of AND the brand is to radically change the attitude towards knitwear as something short-lived, shapeless and mundane. Thanks to sophisticated technologies and painstaking manual labor, AND the brand items keep their shape, retain color saturation, fit and last for a long time. Isn't it a contribution to the development of conscious consumption?

AND the brand will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of those who strive for individuality, do not look for obvious solutions, invest in themselves and their own comfort.